What is Experience One & Two?
They are two distinct dining experiences.  
Experience One is an extended three course menu where you get to choose your starter, main & dessert . 
Experience Two is our tasting menu 

Why do I have to choose which Experience I am dining from before I arrive? 
Chosing an experience beforehand guarantees that Tom and his team can do the necessary preparations to ensure you have a memorable dining experience.

Can one person have each experience? 
No, the same experience must be taken by the whole party. 

I have an allergy or serious dietary requirement. 
We take all allergies and dietary requirements very seriously and do request advanced notice of at least 72 hours before your intended arrival.
This allows our team to prepare any additional dishes that  may be required to ensure your experience is of the same quality.

If you book a table within this time period please call the restaurant directly on 0114 2304819 to discuss your requirements. 

Do you offer Vegetarian or Vegan Experiences? 
Yes - Please see our sample menus in our "Taste Experiences" tab .  We do ask for 72 hours notice for these menus to ensure your experience is of the same quality. 

I dislike some of the dishes on the menu
We are flexible to change certain dishes or certain elements on dishes, however due to the size of the menus and how small our team is this may not always be possible.  We want everyone to enjoy their experience with us, and sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone to try new things is good. It allows debate around the table - some people may not like certain tastes whilst others do. 

Can I change my choice of experience on the evening? 
We will have a limited number of each experience available on the day of your arrival.  We may be able to change  your experience on the day of your booking but if possible please call the restaurant before hand. 

How do I book a table at Rafters? 
Our booking system is online via our own website:


or through one of our partner websites.  Our phone line and e-mail systems are for amendments and enquiries only.  Our bookings diary opens three months in advance. 

Your phone line goes to anserphone? 
To help ensure our guests  comfort and the full attention of our staff  we do not take phone calls after 6pm.  Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.  However, if is a booking enquiry please visit www.raftersrestaurant.co.uk/reservations 

Do you close any days? 
We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Any e-mails or answerphone messages will be answered upon our return to the restaurant on Tuesday afternoon.  Balancing family and work life is of high importance to us and our staff so unfortunately we cannot open for private dining on these days. 

Why do I need to input my card details? 
We have a cancellation policy at Rafters.  No charge will be taken from any card unless in the event of a no-show or last minute cancellation.  We respectfully ask for a minimum of 48 hours' notice for any cancellation.  In the event of a no-show or last minute cancellation a charge of £45 per person will be made to your card.  If we manage to resell the reservation no charge will be made. 

Do you have a dress code? 
We do not have a dress code as most experiences will last over three hours and we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Are children allowed in the restaurant? 
While we do not prohibit children, we strongly discourage children under the age of 8, due not only to the length of the meal (up to 4 hours for our Experience Two) and potential disruption to the other guests dining the same evening.  
If you would like to bring your children, kindly note that they would be required to receive the same experience menu as the rest of the party. 
Saturday lunch is the perfect time to introduce children to fine dining at Rafters. 

I can't book a large table? 
Due to the size of our restaurant the maximum table size for a party is eight persons but we can offer private functions for 32-38 guests.  If your party is more than eight please call the restaurant as we may be able to accomodate the booking dependant on other table sizes on the evening

For a private function enquiry please contact Alistair directly on 0114 2304819 or via e-mail:

enquiries@ raftersrestaurant.co.uk

Is there parking at Rafters?
We do not have a car park however there is ample on street parking with no restrictions except for on Oakbrook Road parade of shops before 6.30pm  

Do you have a bar for pre or post dinner drinks? 
Unfortunately, due to the size of the restaurant we do not have a bar area, however you are always welcome to enjoy a drink at the table before your dining experience. 

Annual Holidays
We close every year for Christmas - 25th, 26th, 27th December for our staff to enjoy time at home with their families after working so hard for us.We also close for the 1st week of January and for a week in August for our summer break. 

Do you have disabled access? 
The restaurant is only accessible via a staircase.  Please contact the restaurant on 0114 2304819 if you wish to discuss any requirements. 

Private Lunches