Coming Soon... 

Al & Tom are excited to announce their new cocktail bar opening early December just below the restaurant on Oakbrook Road. 

The perfect place to start your Experience before dinner or just call in for a drink!  


Alistair Myers
Sommelier and Manager

Alistair found his passion for service over two weeks of obligatory work experience during secondary school. His school teachers tried their utmost to change his mind but he would not be swayed, and he has worked in the service industry ever since

In recent years Alistair has discovered a passion for fine wine. In a time before Rafters, he was given a bottle of wine to enjoy after a particularly long weekend at work. The wine was so terrible that he made it his mission to find out why people drank the stuff.

Now, Alistair holds a certified sommelier certificate from the Court Of Masters and maintains a brimming passion for both excellent drink and service.

Alistair is always discovering new wines to add to Rafters’ list, and works closely with Tom to ensure that each dish on the tasting experience has a wine pairing that compliments the food perfectly. 

Wine List